Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roof CoatingDesigner Roofing & Restoration LLC understands the importance of keeping your business safe from all forms of weather. We can provide your business with a water tight roof system backed with warranties ensuring you only have the best protection from the elements. Our fully certified and insured staff and installers can provide you with the best options to protect your business.

As we all know, Savannah sees rain, storms, heat, hurricanes, and more throughout the year. As locals, we understand what it’s like to deal with so many different climates, and are experienced to help ensure your home is protected. Whether your home is old or brand new, we can help protect what is important to you.

We offer roof repair, roof replacement, new roofs, roof estimates and more to our fellow business-owners in

Whether you have Metal Roof, Low Slope Roof, or Asphalt Roof – we can work with you to ensure your business is protected and looking good.

We look forward to working with you!

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