Why Extended Roofing Warranties Are Worth It

Extended warranties get a bad rap because they appear like unnecessary expenses. They are offered on nearly everything. But while it’s true that extended warranties mean more expenses for a customer, there are situations wherein having solid warranty coverage will be to your advantage, especially for a roofing system.

Why You Should Get Extended Roofing Warranties

At the heart of it, extended warranties from residential and commercial roofing companies give you “peace of mind” benefits. For one, they let you avoid the financial strain and anxiety of dealing with unexpected repairs. And, should your roofing problem be irreparable, you can take advantage of a replacement instead. They also help mitigate customer concerns over being ripped off because roofers offering extended warranties actually have incentives to do good work and fix issues efficiently.

Who Can Offer Extended Roofing Warranties?

Extended roofing warranties are declarations of confidence and can be offered by both manufacturers and residential and commercial roofing contractors willing to stand behind their work. This means exact terms may vary from one extended warranty to another, but can still be expected to be better than the standard option.

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