What Makes the Best Shingle Brands Stand Out From the Rest

It’s important you choose the right shingle brand for your roof. Otherwise, you may waste your time and money trying to correct mistakes that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

What Makes the Best Shingle Brands Stand Out From the Rest

Here are some of the qualities that allow you to separate the best roofing shingle brands from the worst.

Qualities of the Best Shingle Brands

Numerous surveys have indicated that shingle manufacturers CertainTeed®, Owens Corning® and Atlas® as the best shingle manufacturers in the country. One quality that they share in common is how active they assist their installers with training and certifications. These manufacturers are also the best in registering and covering warranties for the shingles. Other qualities that help them cement their reputation as the best shingle brand include improving their products, easy-to-follow instructions and weight consistency.

Qualities of the Worst Shingle Brands

Conversely, you can tell when a brand subpar. These brands won’t offer warranties, and they lack strict certification rules for their installers. Their shingles are also usually lighter, and nailing zones are hard to read or understand, making this an issue for roofing companies whenever homeowners are making warranty claims.

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