Tips for Filing a Storm Damage Insurance Claim

A storm is one of the major enemies of your roofing system. Once a storm passes, you might notice damage on your roof. Therefore, it’s always crucial to immediately take action before you suffer from a leaking roof or something worse.

No matter how small, this damage can still accumulate or worsen over time. The roof can easily deteriorate without proper maintenance. Calling your local roofer might be your best option. A contractor can document the damage for you, which you’ll need if you plan on filing an insurance claim. There are a lot of steps involved in this process, including the following:

1. Document the Damages

After the storm, try to document everything. Take pictures and videos of the roof damage. It’s important to capture the details. Take photos of damage to all areas of your roof, including the deck, shingles, flashing, gutters and underlayment. You should also have an inventory of the damaged items, including their receipts and specific details.

2. Keep Track of the Progress

Keep a record of their names of the person you’re talking to, the address, contact information and any other relevant details. Don’t forget to create a summary of your discussions. Being organized is one of the keys to a swift filing process.

3. Determine What’s Covered

What is the coverage of your insurance package? When you’re dealing with massive roof damage, you should immediately contact your contractor and insurance company. Ask about the specific details of the insurance, such as the limitations, conditions, amount of funds or cost of damage, types of damage covered and services offered.

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