Storm Damage: Why You Should Work With Us

A storm’s aftermath is a tumultuous time. In addition to making sure your family is safe and has shelter, you need to work with your insurance adjuster to get your claim initiated. You also need to find a quality roofing contractor. Designer Roofing & Restoration LLC discusses the reasons you should work with us when dealing with storm damage.

Complete Claim Requirements

While your insurance adjuster can process your claim on their own, you will need an expert opinion on the extent of the roofing damage. Finding and identifying details that will help gauge the full extent of the required repair work are things that trained and experienced roofers can do.

We can also create an accurate quotation for the repair costs while the insurance adjuster is on-site. Being able to do so can help get your insurance claim processed as soon as possible as your insurance adjuster will have all the documents they need. Once the claim is approved, the first check will cover the down payment and initial costs. The rest of the amount, minus deductibles, will be paid in a second check on or near completion.

We Provide Long-Term Solutions

The costs we quote in our damaged roof repair report are not temporary fixes; they’re long-term solutions. We believe that our customers deserve the peace of mind knowing that their roof will be ready for the next storm. We use top-of-the-line products from the manufacturers we represent, namely CertainTeed® and GAF.

Also, if the existing roof has structural issues or other problems that we deem might affect future roofing performance, we will include that in the repairs. Yet another distinct advantage of working with us is that we stand behind our work. Should our repair work fail under certain conditions, we have applicable workmanship warranties to ensure that you are protected.

Designer Roofing & Restoration LLC is the roofing contractor that you can count on for all your roofing installation, repair and maintenance needs. Give us a call at (912) 200-6613, or fill out our contact form.

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