5 Things Your Roofing File Should Have

Putting together a roofing file is a great idea because it will help you keep track of important information about your roof. And, in order to be effective, it will have to be as comprehensive as possible, including all the pertinent roofing documents you have. To help you get started with creating your own roofing file or to make sure your current file is complete, here’s what your roofing file should have:

Installation Records

After an installation, keep all of the paperwork roofing companies provide you. This will give you something to go back to when you need specific information about your roofing system, such as the type of shingles you have and all accessories currently in place.

Warranty Information

A lot of people create digital backups, but it’s also a good idea to safeguard the original paper copy of your warranty documentation. This information is crucial because it will detail who can do repairs on your metal roofing system, for instance, and how often maintenance has to be carried out to keep your warranty valid.

Insurance Details

You’ll need insurance information usually in times of emergencies so best to have the details you require easily accessible. This will also help you get started on insurance claims sooner because you have your paperwork ready.

Inspection Reports

Every time you have your roof inspected, you will be provided with a report of your roofing contractors’ findings. Aside from keeping track of your roof’s condition, filing inspection reports also makes it easy for you to reference recommendations as you have repairs and further maintenance done.

Repair and Maintenance Receipts

This will simplify keeping tabs on your roofing expenses as well as provide you with necessary proof that your roof was kept in good order should you need to file a warranty or insurance claim.

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